Eco Business of Return to Earth

Our Mission

Providing Critical

Green Hydrogen Solutions,

Accessible To All

Anyone, Anywhere
Can Utilize Hydrogen
HEZ is striving to create world where all members
of society can live in a clean environment by utilizing its hydrogen production technology.
We are planning and developing related technologies
so that hydrogen can be used in everyday life as well as technologies applicable to internal combustion engines.

HEZ will lead the transition to a hydrogen society and help achieve carbon neutrality.

HEZ, as Korea's leading green hydrogen company,

realized the potential of 'hydrogen', a next-generation energy source, in the process of

processing livestock manure in 2014, and accelerated research and development to realize

the green hydrogen ecosystem that industry leaders around the world want to achieve.

After repeating a lot of research and development,

we have concluded that we needed to take incremental steps to realize a hydrogen society.
As a first step, we developed an emission
reduction device called HYO to validate the
performance of HEZ's high-efficiency PEM stack
and to contribute to reducing the carbon

Following the HYO M5, we plan on developing

emission reduction device for ships and power

plants, and a hydrogen charging station that

produces and supplies hydrogen on-site.

We invite you to join us on our journey to

promote the hydrogen economy and preserve the environment.


Established HEZ
Signed an exchange agreement with Hanseo University
Joint research and human/material resource exchange
Hanseo University LINC+ Innovation Award
Signed MOU with Hyundai Syntech
Environmental and Economic Effects of Hydrogen Mixed Combustion Technology
Demonstration experiment for measurement
Signed MOU for green energy development
Waste-to-energy facility fuel reduction and air pollutants
Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries Research Project
'IMO ship international regulation leading technology development'
Development of Air Pollutant Reduction Technology for Marine Engines Using Hydrogen Generator
Signed MOU with Incheon Namdong-gu Office
Namdong-gu government vehicle emission reduction pilot project
Performance experiment with Hyundai KEFICO and HY.O
Test to verify whether vehicle performance is improved by hydrogen co-firing (mixed combustion)
Signed MOU with Aeon Co., Ltd.
Performance test of 14.5T class cargo vehicle using HY.O
Selected as the 10th START-UP NEST by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
Preparing for business related to global overseas leap forward



Heads Co., Ltd. - Chungnam National University / In-house research

Co-combustion analysis of landfill gas [LPG] and HHO gas

- Hydrogen co-firing experiment to improve the performance of generators using landfill gas

- The more hydrogen is added, the higher the calorific value and the higher the power generation efficiency.


Heads Co., Ltd. - Chungnam National University / In-house research

Korea Energy Society academic presentation

- Engine combustion application of water electrolysis gas radical reaction

- Fuel efficiency improvement verification experiment through trace amount of HHO gas


Heads Co., Ltd. - Chungnam National University / In-house rese

Fuel saving and NOX emission concentration due to hydrogen-hydrogen mixed combustion

Design and analysis of mitigation mechanisms


Heads Co., Ltd. - Chungnam National University / In-house research

HHO gas and steam co-firing of industrial boilers

NOX emission characteristics study